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Dental Phobia / IV Sedation

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There's No Need to Feel Embarrassed About
Dental Phobia

Feeling uneasy about dental procedures is normal and common in many patients. Whether you suffer from panic attacks or have had traumatic dental experiences in the past, the specialists at Smile in the City can help ease your dental phobia and get you smiling again. No pain, no judgment, and no lectures - just caring professionals who make you look and feel great while you dream in peaceful twilight.


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We're Experts in IV Sedation Dentistry

Dr. Schmidt is a leading dental phobia expert who specializes in fixing tough cases, repairing years of neglect and restoring their patients' teeth, youth and confidence quickly, without pain or embarrassment.

In the book “The Fearless Smile: Overcoming Dental Phobia”, Doctor Schmidt team up with phobia expert and psychologist Dr. Robert H. Reiner to discuss the causes and treatment of dental phobia and tell inspiring true stories of people who have conquered their fear of dentistry through IV sedation dentistry and other behavioral methods.

Never Be Afraid To Smile Again

At Smile in the City, we understand that dental fear can have a major impact on the health of your teeth. Our team of advanced specialists offer a unique IV sedation experience, so we can treat even the most challenging and complicated dental problems due to fear or neglect. With IV sedation, gentle procedures and a friendly staff, our dentists not only improve your dental health, but also boost your confidence and give you something to smile about.

Click here to learn more about our latest book: "The Fearless Smile".

We Can Help You

The Gold-Standard for Treating Fearful Patients

IV sedation is a form of anesthesia that relaxes you and leaves you with little to no memory of the procedure afterward. Even the most fearful patients have pleasant and comfortable dental treatments.

Most other dentists who offer "sedation" have minimal training and can only provide their patients with a pill 1-2 hours before their appointment. However, the results are unpredictable, often providing a very light and ineffective sedation.

3 Reasons to Choose IV Sedation


Why IV sedation is better:

  • More reliable, immediate results
  • Complete relaxation and comfort during procedure
  • Quick and less painful recovery than with oral sedation
  • Expert treatment administered by a certified IV dentist

Call now to make an appointment with a top sedation dentist. New York specialists at Smile in the City look forward to hearing from you. To learn more about whether you should consider IV sedation, read the latest IV sedation information on our blog.

Testimonials from our patients who have received I.V. Sedation:

“What I have loved about coming to Smile in the City is that there has been no pain, no judgment, and no lectures. I wasn't yelled at about the past. I had significant dental problems but waiting and waiting for years didn't make it go away! The positive results I received from Smile in the City was that it motivated me to take care of the rest of me and I went on a diet. So between my smile and my weight - people who I take the train with and buy my coffee from - people who I didn't think pay attention to me have told me out of the blue that I look great. It's happened many times. (It never happened before!). Thank You to the wonderful team at Smile in the City.”
-Jim B.

 “All my past visits to any dentist have been filled with anxiety, dread, and overall fear. First off, the entire staff at Smile in the City was confident and pleasant and gave me a most comfortable feeling. Dr. Schmidt was truly professional and compassionate. Her procedure was perfectly orchestrated and the most relaxing and totally pain free process I had ever experienced. I don’t know why I didn’t look sooner. They can expect a life-time patient. Thank you all.”
-Oliver S.

“Sedation therapy is the best dental experience I’ve ever had. Completely pain free and you can get a lot done in one visit."
-Jane C.

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“The office is made up of some of the most caring & gentle people I have come to know whilst being in NYC. I am from South Africa, but living in NYC as a model. I had always avoided going to the dentist, as I HAD a terrible fear, which began as a child. I never faced it, until on a flight back to the states after a job, I felt my tooth start to ache so badly, I knew I had to see one, so when I got back I googled Dentist that do I.V sedation in NYC, as I knew this would be the only way I would have a procedure. After reading many testimonials, viewing the website & seeing pictures of his office, I could tell it offered a calming ambience & didn't come across as a cold dentistry office. I called to make an appointment. On the day of it everyone was so kind & could tell I was so nervous so spoke to me in such a way that it lifted my spirits and made me relax. It turned out I needed a root canal. They never began anything till I was completely relaxed, they gave me beautiful calming music to listen to & then the I.V sedation. I never felt a thing! :) I was amazed, and NO swelling the next day!!!"
-Lisa Martinaglia